5 septembrie 2008

I love

I love, I love, I love.

I love the rainbow, the colors, the smells and tastes as well. I love touching things with the bottom of my fingers. Touching the wind, the air, the watter, the freedom. I love touching the air with my right hand when driving with hight speed. I like breathing and feeling all my body filled with air.

I love watching the horizon and always wanted to reach it with my hand, and was wondering if there is someone on the other side that is doing and thinking the same.

I love watching the clouds, and always wanted to taste them. I like the sun, and always wanted two of them, but not both yellow. One yellow and one green.

I love green color, green grass, green leaves, green clothes, green cups, green wallpaper that i have in my kitchen. I love green thoughts that i have, green people and green mountains.

I love the night even if its not green and its scares me. I love the night even if i don't get any rest. I love the moon and always wanted to see the view of earth from the moon. I would like to pain the moon with colors, but still i like white/gray also.

I love white feelings, they are warm. White feelings are pure and filled with love and nothing else.

Love is white for me and not red. I love “love” even when i don't love. I love my dreams. I love to loose myself in my thoughts. I love to loose myself. I loose my things. I loose my passports. I loose my bags but still I love to fly in my dreams.

I love my dreams. I love realizing then even more. I love to melt in the my universe. I love to forget that I exists. I love to loose my memory and forget all the bad things that happened in my life. I like the bad things which now are gone. I like the bad things which still will come. They will make me stronger.

I love to flow. To flow on the river of life. I love to swim in ocean. I love the sounds on rain and ocean. I like the journey I have, which is full of colors and white feelings. I love to observe people and i love to smile.

I love to smile to children even more. They are white and pure. I love to hear a child laughing. It gives me power. I like to cry from happiness. I like to cry when i am filled with love. I don't like to cry when i am feeling bad. I like watching the sky at night. I like finding my stars. I like watching the falling stars. I love to feel the stars close. I love the music of night and stars. I love the music of trees also. I love how leaves laughs when they are tickled by wind. I love to touch the green, yellow and red leaves. I love sounds. I like voices from my head. I like to hear myself thinking. I love my voice when i think. Its a white voice.

I love to walk. I love to run. I love to ride a bike. I love to fall down and rise again.I love to climb the mountains. I love to be close to the sky. I love to be in the sky.

I want to see the color of other people thoughts. I want to see the colors of other people feelings. I want to be free and i want to escape from this social tricky life. I want to get lost. I want to leave. I want to go back home. I want back to India. I want back to Himalaya. I want to go from where I came. I want to go to the only existing reality. I want to be everything and nothing. I want to be the children laugh. I want to be the wind which plays with leaves. I want to be the shining sun. I want to bring people happiness. I want to share my love with those who suffer. I want to be the love and live in everyone. I want to be the falling star, the moon, the sun, the leaves, the tree, the wind, the river. I want to go back from were i came. I want to end my mission. I want to complete it. I want to feel free and i want to fly.

Who am I? Who is this Natalia typing this text?

Sometimes too sad. Sometimes too full with joy. Sometimes filled with love. Sometimes filled with hatred. Sometimes smiling. Sometimes crying. Sometimes crazy. Sometimes climbing the rocks and almost falling down. Sometimes clever. Sometimes extremely stupid. Sometimes feeling too proud of myself. Sometimes really ashamed to be me. Sometimes helping people. Sometimes needing help. Sometimes alone. Sometimes with friends. Sometimes understanding, listening, giving advices. Sometimes wants to live forever and sometimes to die today. Sometimes wants to have an endless sleep and sometimes wants to stay awake all the night and observe her thoughts.

Who is her? Who is this girl talking now in my head?

- Its just a soul living its moments of eternity. Its just like you!