14 mai 2009

"Middle of may" and "Bullet and Butterflies"

Its middle of May. Some people associate this period of time with the end of spring, blooming trees, school exams, upcoming summer holidays, and other personal memories attached to this period. But...there is just one more association which comes into my mind and its directly related to the "middle of May" - and that is "Cronograf".

Already 5 "middle of Mays" from my life where dedicated to this event.
Unfortunately, due to the "political stability" from Moldova, the 8th edition will be postponed. Its planned to held it in October, and hopefully it will take place then.

In order to keep alive the tradition of watching documentaries during this time of the year, i looked up myself for documentaries and short movies to feed my personal needs and soul requirements for this "middle of may".

There is one documentary which i saw quite a long time ago. I also recommended to Sushmit (the author) to apply for Cronograf, not sure about the results, but anyway the movie worth watching.

Small intro:

While i was blocked in Delhi for 2 months, i got the chance to meet extraordinary people and spend some really nice time with them. Vasu and her bunch of friends were involved in various volunteering and social activities. One day, i went with them to Jamghat and there i meet about 15 Delhi street children. All so cute, joyful and nice. We played some games together, draw some paintings and tried to talk, although my Hindi was really bad, and we mostly laugh.

This movie is about Rajiv, a handicapped street child from Jamghat and his cityscape of Delhi to the serene hills of Himachal Pradesh along with a biking enthusiast.

Enjoy Bullet and
Director: Sushmit Ghosh
Genre: Documentary

View this movie at cultureunplugged.com