23 februarie 2009

The spirit of Himalaya

Muntii au un farmec, iar in opinia mea Himalaya sunt cei mai fermecatori.
Odata ce-i cunosti, spiritul lor iti padrunde in gind, in singe, in inima, in suflet. Ma simt ca o drogata. Simt nevoia fizica si spirituala sa-i vad ... sa-i simt din nou. Mi-e dor ...

Azi am privit filmul "Himalaya - l'enfance d'un chef" de Eric Valli.
Acest film este un fel de "universal and timelss saga" care ne reda o poveste a puterii, mindriei si a gloriei. Imprejurimile in care este filmat: muntii Himalaya, satul Dolpo, Nepal, situat la atitudini intre 12000 şi 15000 de metri iti taie respiratia la propriu si la figurat.

Pentru colectia "My favorite movie quotes" am selectat urmatoarele:

*Tinle: “Everything that lives must die, then be reborn and die again.”
Pasang: “How many lives does it take to become a chief?”
Tinle: “We’ve been chiefs for a long time now; it’s your time next.”
*Karma: Hatred has never eased grief.
* Karma: “His demon is his grief.
And what’s your demon?”

* Karma
: You’re betting our lives with these endless calculations.
*Norbou: A monastery isn’t a prison.
Pasang: You were not locked?
: No, reciting prayers, leaving your body and the world, it is the true freedom.
: How do you leave your body?
: Heyyyyy, heyyyy, this cry scares a leopard!
Pasang: A cry like that scares everyone.
* Tinle:
Budha of the three ages, Padmasambhava, remove all obstacles: inner, outside and secret. May our thoughts come true spontaneously.
*Talking to him is like trying to stop snow falling.
* We must succed
What success, what?
Just succeed, everything else doesn’t matter

“When two passes open before you, always choose the hardest one.”
Tinle: Don’t forget, a chief commands his peoples, but receives the orders from the god.
* Tinle:
A real chief always starts by disobeying.
* Karma:
I don’t want to loose you, now when we’ve just meet.
We’ve always been together. We wanted the same thing.

Recomand pentru vizionare iubitorilor de filme bune.