21 octombrie 2008

is artfel

It should be winter now, but in my mind its still June

constantly dreaming
constantly speaking with myself
constantly hearing my voice in my head
constantly working
constantly relaxing
constantly in contradiction with myself
constantly doing some inconstant things
constantly listening music in maxi-taxi ... today was Maia Hirasawa, simply love her.
Can listen her songs all day long. Strongly recommended!

Recently was suffering from nostalgia and other sick, pathetic, depressive and boring stuff, and decided to realize one of my childhood dreams ... baa baaam ... to be a painter and to have my own space called "creation destination". Ok ... i had more childhood dreams.
I wanted to be a ballerina, then pianist, then flautist, then painter, then theater actress ... and finally became Licentiate in International Relation ... wtf!

Anyway ... here are some of my lately creations!

Inspiration drops

Abstract nature


My green sun

Some green grass

My inner universe with 3 suns