13 octombrie 2009

Global Youth Day for Democracy coming soon ...

Each year on October 18th is celebrated the Global Youth Day for Democracy in order to highlight youth-led initiatives that: mobilize young people to participate in discussions, debates, educational campaigns, trainings and other activities which are aimed to promote democratic values and concepts.

This is only the intro of a short (around 10-15 min) video about Moldovan young people, their concerns, motivations to act, achievements and vision of the future of the country.

The rest of the video shall be posted on the Global Youth Day for Democracy - October 18th 2009.
Everyone else, who is supporting the democratic values and principles, is welcomed to implement various campaigns during this day (and not only - preferable the whole year).

I will go to a school in a village and screen a thematic movie for the young people of that locality.

Video Author: Natalia Gligor
Music: Zdob si Zdup